Monday, April 4, 2016

Book Search!

A reader writes:

Hello.  I am on a quest to remember a book I read a long time ago.  I THINK the book involved twins.  One part I remember clearly, the girl or girls were giving tours in an old house.  They accidentally found a loose panel in a stair railing.  In it was a letter written by a man that was in love with the then owner of the house.  She was told about the letter and realized her love from long ago hadn't deserted her, he was waiting for her.  It was a touching story in a great book AND I can't remember the title!  Can anyone help me?


  1. Pretty sure you are referring to a book by Rosamund DuJardin. I think the title is Boy Trouble. It's not about twins, though she did write a series about identical twins. However, the rest of the plot line fits in: To bet Heydon discovered the letter in the banister of Miss Tess Wentworth's house while giving a historical homes tour.

  2. You solved my mystery. I am reading that book and I am so enjoying my "blast from the past"!! Thank you!!